Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Bournemouth area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences. 

Congratulations Thomas Lench from Bournemouth who passed his driving test today first time 10th December.

Adam, Tom’s driving instructor said it’s been a whirlwind sitting next to Tom and every lesson was an adventure of fun! Tom started before he was 17 with Adam and then carried on his lessons to the roads and seeing how happy he was after being told he had passed was amazing. 

Enjoy driving to college Tom and thank mum for all her support and tea making! Have a fantastic Christmas from us all at the Independent Driving School. 

Congratulations Thomas Lench from Bournemouth

Congratulations Tegan Walters from Southbourne, Bournemouth who passed her driving test today 4th December 1st time.

Tegan started her driving before she was 17 with us and Karen your driving instructor said the cat that ran in front of you was obviously a lucky one and still has 9 lives so well done and good luck with your exam results in January.

Happy Christmas Tegan from us all at Independent Driving.

Congratulations Tegan Walters from Southbourne, Bournemouth

​Congratulations Emilie Reeks from Kinson, Bournemouth for passing your driving test today 23rd November 1st time.

Karen your driving instructor said you were both relieved that Gran didn’t jinx your test by wishing you luck before you went out and you could have tied the examiner up with your very long scarf if he had not given you the result you so richly deserved! Well done Emilie from us all at Independent Driving.

Congratulations Emilie Reeks from Bournemouth

“The main reason I chose Independent Driving was because I had a bad experience with a previous driving instructor and decided to switch, Independent Driving School was recommended to me.

I had the pleasure of having Karen as my driving instructor who was so supportive from start to finish and would always make time for me around my uni studies/work! I would recommend Karen to anyone and everyone, she is professional and just a lovely person in general with the patience of a saint! If there were any parts (such as roundabout!) I wasn’t quite getting Karen was very patient with me and went over it step by step as many times as I needed, using her iPad, maps and toy cars to help me understand.

I get anxiety and panic attacks so there were times I thought about giving it up, or that I was never going to get the hang of this, but Karen really helped me overcome this through her teaching methods and her total belief in me, which ultimately raised my confidence in myself. I have no doubt that if it wasn’t for Karen I would never have passed first time! It will be really strange not seeing Karen every week and I’ll really miss our driving lessons together!”

Emilie Reeks from Bournemouth

Congratulations Emma Churchward from Redhill, Bournemouth who passed her driving test 1st time today 9th November.

Not only did Emma pass today she was left with the voice of her examiner saying that it was a really good drive so that’s the cherry in top! Karen her Driving instructor said we nearly lost the pass certificate as the wind picked up but the photo proves it was held onto very tightly.

Well done again Emma from everyone at the Independent Driving School. 

Congratulations Emma Churchward from Bournemouth

​Congratulations Rohim from Bournemouth who passed his driving test today 6th November first time with only two faults.

Rohim needed his licence for his job at Wessex water and so will soon have his own van and no longer be relying on lifts from work colleagues to get him around. Darren your driving instructor says all of your lessons have been great fun even with all the traffic we had to deal with!!!

Congratulations again from all at Independent Driving Bournemouth.

Congratulations Rohim from Bournemouth


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