Customer Reviews Blandford Abi Myall

The main reason I chose Independent Driving school was because after I had issues with my first driving instructor and botched my first test I was looking for someone who could help me out more, to develop my driving skills and to teach me more. I had Matt as my instructor. He was really nice. Easy to get along with and very friendly! With Matt I learned that there is so much more to driving than just pressing a pedal. He has taught me so much that I never thought I would need or do. It just goes to show the difference with instructors. Matt was very kind and extremely patient with me as I am not exactly the easiest of learners. Whenever I would panic he would prompt me to just stay calm and drive confidently as that’s when I’m best. He also helped me concur my fear of hill starts which I hated and failed the first time for. But thanks to him I aced any hill start on the test. He helped me so much to build my confidence when I had none and taught me so much that I didn’t know. I would very much recommend Independent Driving School to everyone looking to pass and drive confidently and correctly, as I’ve noticed of having a previous instructor there is a massive difference with what I learned even if it cost that little bit extra. It shows how much a good instructor has an impact when you are taught correctly. They are extremely friendly and flexible with times to suit your needs. So thank you very much Independent Driving and Matt! You have been amazing! Customer Reviews Blandford Abi Myall