Customer Reviews Ferndown Jamie Kent

The most important thing I looked for when choosing a driving instructor was to have an instructor that fully listened to what I had to say and for someone who was on the same wavelength in terms of teaching. Matt was the perfect instructor for me and helped me with the things that most people would probably get to grips with without teaching. He not only listens when you have queries but explains things in very simple terms which leaves little room for misunderstandings. Matt was actually my third driving instructor. I had previously had around 35 hours with my first, 8 with my second and had only 6 hours with Matt. The techniques Matt uses are absolutely perfect for my learning style as he sometimes made activities out of learning and similar things. When learning I like to learn things from the start and work my way up which he perfectly done by sorting out my bad driving habits one at a time which has changed my outlook of driving overall and has taken me from someone who was worried about possible hazards on the road and not being able to control my concentration to someone who can confidently drive and feel ready for any situation that arises. The main things Matt helped me with was my concentration when driving and also to relax when driving as being tense causes you to think radically rather than collectively in the situation. I would definitely recommend Independent Driving Bournemouth as a company. Customer Reviews Ferndown Jamie Kent