Customer Reviews Ferndown Roger Ireland

The main reason I chose Independent Driving was through their website. Adam was the driving instructor that I had with Independent Driving; he made lessons fun to be on, was easy to talk to and was happy to answer any questions in and out of lessons.
My experiences during the driving lessons were very good; I had never driven before so I was very nervous and believed many people would end up under the car’s tyres on the first lesson.
I was naturally very poor to begin with but Adam was patient, accepting and constructively helped with all the mistakes that I made. Despite my tendency for slow learning I was able to greatly improve due to the teaching methods that were used.
As I became better at driving I was given good knowledge about local roads in the area and was told exactly what to expect during the driving test which helped tremendously.
Whether you’re new or have driven before I highly recommend the driving instructor/school. I learned invaluable knowledge about driving and feel more confident on the road than I ever believed I would. Customer Reviews Ferndown Roger Ireland