Customer Reviews Ferndown Sasha Judge

The main reason I chose Independent Driving School was because I discovered them when researching online local instructors and I was keen to learn with them as I read the reviews and ratings from people who have been with the driving school previously, the reviews were excellent and had a high pass rate which is a bonus!
I had lessons with a previous instructor before Independent driving School, after the first couple of lessons with Adam I could already notice a difference in my driving, skills and knowledge.

I thought Adams teaching methods were brilliant, enjoyable, he pushed me into to right direction and I enjoyed each session with him, he is friendly, patient, easy to talk to, calm and will make you feel so confident and relaxed! If you don’t feel confident in a particular area such as bay parking, he will push you again and again until you get it right, no matter how long it may take. His lessons will be missed!

Whether your new or have driven before, I would highly recommend both the driving school and instructor. I have learnt valuable life skills, knowledge and my confidence has risen thanks to them. Customer Reviews Ferndown Sasha Judge