Customer Reviews Poole Rebekah Smith

The main reason I chose Independent Driving School was because two years after I started driving, I had gone through two instructors and moved to a new area. Desperate to pass my test before going to Uni, I found Independent Driving after a Google search. They seemed to be the only school able to work with my awkward schedule. It took just one lesson with Darren to know I was in safe hands – he was the first instructor that seemed to have confidence in me and it made all the difference. Suddenly, I felt ready, capable and able to learn. I was really intimidated by manoeuvres before but now it all seemed to come naturally. Darren is great; patient, calm and hugely constructive with his feedback. Lessons seemed to fly by and yet, by the time the practical test came around I felt totally ready. I had learnt how to enjoy driving! Darren’s teaching means that now, I don’t just know how to pass a driving test, but I know how to be a good driver. I would highly recommend! Customer Reviews Poole Rebekah Smith