Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Ferndown area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Congratulations Charlotte Holder from Ferndown for passed your driving test this morning first time on the 17th November. What started out as a very frosty morning has now become a beautiful sunny day so make the most of it when you get out in your car.

Adam your instructor was so pleased to be able to help you finish off your lessons so you could pass and hopes you will now have a bit more belief in what you are capable of achieving!

Well done Charlotte Holder Reeves from us all at the Independent Driving School Congratulations Charlotte Holder from Ferndown

Becky Brooks from Ferndown you were amazing today 16th November on your driving test and with a 1st time pass. Adam your instructor is going to really miss your off the wall random conversations you have had whilst learning and wishes you the very best in the future with your art career.

Well done Becky from everyone at the Independent Driving School.Congratulations Becky Brooks from Ferndown

Congratulations Will Parker from Ferndown for passing your driving test first time this morning 15th November.

Your instructor who is your dad is so relieved and proud of you. Enjoy driving your car later on today Will and being even more ‘Independent’. Congratulations Will Parker from Ferndown

A fantastic Wednesday 8th November for Tayla Elford who has passed her driving test. Adam your instructor said, he knew you had the ability so all you had to do was show the examiner how great you could drive and voilà it happened. He also said your brownie making skills are off the scale!

We are all so proud of you at Independent Driving Tayla and thank you for being just so amazing today. Congratulations Tayla Elford from Ferndown.

Congratulations Francesca Du Casse from Ferndown who passed her driving test today 18th October with only 3 faults. If you trust what you know then you will always come through with the results you are hoping for and Francesca with all your extra practice that’s exactly what happened.

We are all really happy for you Franchesca so no more ‘L’ plates for you! Congratulations Francesca Du Casse from Ferndown

Congratulations Sydney Pollock from Ferndown for passing your driving test first time today FRIDAY 13th 😂 and this date isn’t as bad as you may have thought!

Adam your driving instructor said from the first time you met at the under 17 driving sessions you were always so positive and a pleasure to sit next to and teach. Your car ‘SYD’ is waiting so flip that insurance over and enjoy all the fun driving has to offer you.

Congratulations again Sydney from us all at the Independent Driving School. Congratulations Sydney Pollock from Ferndown

The main reason I chose Independent Driving School was because I started driving with Adam at 16 on his Under 17s course which gave me a great amount of confidence for when I started driving on the road.

It was important to me that I found a driving school that was going to make me a confident and calm driver and Independent did this. Learning to drive didn’t take as long as I thought it would and due to Adam, after 4 months I am on the road!

I would definitely recommend Independent Driving for all of the above reasons and because the experience friendly and enjoyable.  Customer Reviews Ferndown Sydney Pollock


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Sydney Pollock From Ferndown