Adam and Chrissy Driving School Owners

Adam and Chrissy Driving School Owners

Customer Services

Customer Services

Meet The Poole Team

Welcome to our our team of fully qualified and hardworking driving Instructors who are waiting to deliver your driving licence. Meet the Poole Team

We are a local and independently run Driving School business operating on your doorstep. Pictured above are Driving School owner’s Adam and Chrissy along with Lucy who takes care of customer service.

All of our local Driving Instructors are fully qualified and CRB checked for your safety.

They will all deliver client centred Driving lessons to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from each lesson and a full report will be available with details of what topics were covered, what progress was made and any areas of weakness to be addressed. You will sign each lesson sheet to confirm start and finish times along with next lesson confirmation to eliminate any uncertainty.

All of our driving Instructors work to a strict code of conduct and adhere to our Driving School mission statement to maintain standards.

Driving Instructor Martin

Driving Instructor Martin

Martin is a fully qualified instructor and a key member of our Poole team.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Customer Reviews Bournemouth Hazel Elder-Vass

Customer Reviews Hazel Elder-Vass

I was taught by Martin who was very friendly and patient, and very knowledgeable about the test. Because of his lessons I managed to pass my test first time with only 2 minors! I would definitely recommend the Independent Driving School to everyone!

Hazel Elder-Vass

Customer Reviews Bournemouth Alexandra Bones

Customer Reviews Alexandra Bones

Had an amazing and enjoyable experience learning to drive with my instructor Martin, who got me through my test first time! Every lesson was designed for me, for my progress and improvement; by assessments of each lesson I was able to know what to work on or be observant of next time. I enjoyed each lesson, with such friendliness and fab teaching, would recommended to anyone!

Alexandra Bones

Customer Reviews Bournemouth Lauren White

Customer Reviews Lauren White

I started with Martin from the independent driving school in October. I immediately found him very calming and was great at explaining things. He’s extremely supportive and is so easy to get on with. I passed my test within 4 months with only 2 minors and I could not be happier. Could not recommend more highly thank you so much Martin.

Lauren White

Customer Reviews Bournemouth Philipp Schorn

Customer Reviews Philipp Schorn

Martin is a highly qualified and respectful driving instructor with a great attitude towards his pupils. He taught me how to drive making use of outstanding teaching skills and prepared me for my driving test in a quick manner. I felt well confident to take my test and passed first time.

Philipp Schorn 

Driving Instructor Darren

Driving Instructor Darren

Darren is a fully qualified instructor and a key member of our Poole team.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Customer Reviews Bournemouth Alex Frazer Nash

Customer Reviews Alex Frazer Nash

I took my lessons with Darren and passed with 2 minors. He’s a great instructor and very easy to get along with. He is happy to help you work on any particular aspect of driving you are concerned with as well as being clear and calm when you’re just starting so you’re sure to make good progress. Would definitely recommend.

Alex Frazer-Nash 

Customer Reviews Bournemouth Daniel Leigh

Customer Reviews Daniel Leigh

I took lessons with Darren from Independent Driving for just over 3 months and was able to pass first time. I also did the under 17 lessons a few times before this with 2 other instructors from the same school. All the staff are very helpful and will try their best to make sure you pass first time. They will continue to help you the entire way and their method means that if there is anything that you’re not as strong with they will help you with that specific item until you master it. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for lessons.

Daniel Leigh

Customer Reviews Bournemouth Danielle Heavens

Customer Reviews Danielle Heavens

I learnt with Darren and he was very patient with me, very flexible and made me feel at ease when behind the wheel! After doing many hours with Darren I felt confident, and it clearly shows he is a good teacher… I passed my test first time with only 2 minors!!! I would definitely recommend going with independent driving they all seem lovely!

Danielle Heavens 

Customer Reviews Bournemouth Catherine Stanford

Customer Reviews Catherine Stanford

I had lessons with Darren who was always really helpful and calm. I was quite an anxious driver and he really helped me with my nerves. Fab instructor and would highly recommend to others!

Catherine Stanford 

Matt is a fully qualified instructor and a key member of our Poole team.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

“The main reason I chose Independent Driving School was because Matt Hitt from Independent Driving School was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn’t be happier!

Having moved to the UK this past year from America, I needed a UK license. Matt Hitt of Independent Driving School was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn’t be happier!

Matt gave me confidence and so many wonderful little helpful ideas to improve my overall driving, not just the things needed for the test. I am a much better driver today than I was prior to lessons with Matt.

Learning to drive in England was a lot more difficult than I had expected, the roads are much more narrow, driving on the opposite side of the road was unnerving and city driving has so many more obstacles verses the roads I was used to in the USA.

I was a little frustrated in the beginning, but Matt was patient and steady with me until I felt completely at ease behind the wheel. I am so happy to say that I not only passed my test today but did so without any faults!

I attribute that to Matt’s skilful instruction! I highly recommend Independent Driving School and Matt to anyone looking to learn to drive.”

Cathy Wood, Poole

“The main reason I chose Independent Driving school was because after I had issues with my first driving instructor and botched my first test I was looking for someone who could help me out to develop my driving skills and to teach me more.

I had Matt as my instructor. He was really nice, easy to get along with and very friendly! With Matt I learned that there is so much more to driving than just pressing a pedal.

He has taught me so much that I never thought I would need or do. It just goes to show the difference with instructors. Matt was very kind and extremely patient with me as I am not exactly the easiest of learners.

Whenever I would panic he would prompt me to just stay calm and drive confidently as that’s when I’m best. He also helped me get over my fear of hill starts which I hated and failed for the first time. But thanks to him I aced any hill start on the test.

He helped me so much to build my confidence when I had none and taught me so much that I didn’t know.

I would very much recommend Independent Driving School to everyone looking to pass and drive confidently and correctly, as I’ve noticed of having a previous instructor there is a massive difference with what I learned even if it cost that little bit extra. It shows how much a good instructor has an impact when you are taught correctly.

They are extremely friendly and flexible with times to suit your needs. So thank you very much Independent Driving and Matt! You have been amazing!”

Abi Myall, Blandford



“The most important thing I looked for when choosing a driving school/ instructor was to have an instructor that put me at ease and made me feel able to drive, the other factors that were important to me when choosing my driving instructor/ school were flexibility and reliability.

My driving instructor was Matt from Independent Driving School.
I thought learning to drive was going to be difficult but Matt made it simple he focused on the areas I needed to work on and help me to brush up on my other skills, my instructor teaching methods were very good everything was explained to me in a clear and precise manner and repeated when necessary.

I would absolutely recommend Matt and Independent Driving I didn’t believe that I had the ability to pass, Matt worked on my confidence immensely.

Matt was an excellent instructor, he would listen to my worries about driving and ensure that I felt confident doing my test.

Thank you for all you have done for literally one of the experiences I have ever had you’re an absolute legend Matt and I could have not done it without thank you again.

Adam Milbrook, Poole

“The main reason I chose to learn to drive with Independent Driving School because they were recommended to me by family friends who hold them in high regards.

My instructor Matt was a great teacher. I used to be really anxious about driving, but I always felt very safe in my lessons and soon my confidence grew.

Now I’ve passed my test and I couldn’t be more grateful for the high standard of teaching I received.

I would definitely recommend Independent Driving School – I’m extremely pleased with how my lessons went.”

Katie Powell, Poole


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